Stonehaven Medical Group

NHS Scotland

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Practice nurses are qualified and registered nurses.They can help with health issues such as family planning, healthy living advice, blood pressure checks and dressings. The practice nurses run clinics for long-term health conditions such as asthma or diabetes, minor ailment clinics and carry out cervical smears.

Healthcare assistants support practice nurses with their daily work and carry out tasks such as phlebotomy (drawing blood), blood pressure measurement and new patient checks. They may act as a chaperone when a patient or doctor requests one.  They are also trained to do ECG’s, flu vaccines, B12 injections and simple dressings

Joanne Grant

Practice Nurse / Nurse Prescriber

Joanne joined in 2011 and as well as regular nursing duties she also helps with Well Person clinics and chronic disease management of kidney, respiratory and heart disease.

Sarah Clark

Practice Nurse / Nurse Prescriber    

Sarah joined in 2021 as a practice nurse and has a special interest in diabetes and respiratory illnesses.

Kim McKenzie

Practice Nurse

Kim joined in 2022 and has a specialist interest in wound care.