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Sexual Health Services

Grampian Sexual Health Services

Do not delay getting in touch if you have an unplanned pregnancy, need emergency contraception, are running out of your usual contraception, have symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, have been sexually assaulted or want to discuss treatment to reduce the risk of HIV infection after unprotected sex (PEP). 

Please also get in contact if you are having problems with your method of contraception or regular medication for other sexual health medications. HIV care also continues although you will be seen via phone or video instead on in person. 

Contact Us

  • Main reception: Tel 0345 337 9900 (Monday-Thursday 8.30am-4.30pm, Friday 8.30am-3.30pm) 
  • Unplanned pregnancy:
    • Aberdeen: Tel 01224 655535 (Monday-Friday 9am-2pm)
    • Elgin, Dr Gray’s: Tel 01343 567459 

Our main site at Aberdeen Health Village is closed. We are temporarily based on the Foresterhill site AB25 2XE.

Online Booking

The sexual health services online appointments booking system provides an easy way for you to find and book an appointment at sexual health clinics across Scotland.

It will help you to book an appointment that is most convenient for you by allowing you to search for an appointment based on:

  • gender
  • age
  • type of appointment or service you require
  • location

What services are offered?

The online booking system will be rolled out gradually across all of Scotland’s health boards and will enable you to book appointments for the following sexual health services:

  • Contraception assessment – including repeat prescriptions
  • Contraceptive coil (IUD) insertion and removal – including emergencies
  • Contraceptive implant insertion and removal
  • HIV PrEP – including repeat prescriptions
  • HIV testing
  • Other STI testing
  • Young persons clinics

The system also lets you state if you would prefer a clinic exclusively for men who have sex with men, or if you need someone to translate for you.

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