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Asthma Annual Review Invite

As the Covid 19 pandemic situation has stabilised and some restrictions are being eased, we are now looking at how we can re-start some work which has been deferred in recent months. An important part of managing asthma is via an annual asthma review.

We cannot yet offer these in traditional fashion and so we are asking all patients who are due a review and who are able, to access our eConsult platform to complete the first part of their asthma review online by accesing the button below.

The information provided will be reviewed by our asthma nurses and patients will then be contacted with further guidance. By completing asthma reviews online patients are helping to protect themselves, our staff and the wider population by minimising non-essential travel and face to face contact with healthcare professionals and we very much value our patients support with this. For patients who are unable to complete an online review, they should contact the surgery and one of our practice team will be able to help. Thank you. Dr Kris McLaughlin