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Use Sleepio to help tackle poor sleep and insomnia. You can access the programme at:

What is Sleepio?

Sleepio is an online sleep improvement programme which delivers tailored and engaging advice, 24/7.

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How Sleepio can help you

  • Fall asleep54% reduction in time
    to fall asleep
  • Stay asleep62% fewer awakenings
    during the night
  • Feel refreshed58% boost in daytime energy
    and concentration

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How Sleepio works

Sleepio creator Prof. Colin Espie explains the science behind the programme and how it works to help improve your sleep.

  • Discover your Sleep ScoreTest your sleep to tailor the programme to your specific needs.
  • Online sessionsMeet your sleep guide, The Prof, who teaches you techniques to take control of your sleep.
  • Sleep diaryKeep a sleep diary so you can see the daily improvements you make.

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